We are  pleased to offer IMMIGRATION PHYSICALS with SAME-DAY APPOINTMENTS available.

Dr. Lodd is a licensed US Civil Surgeon who has been authorized by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services to conduct Immigration Physicals for the Department of Homeland Security.  Individuals applying for citizenship or seeking Permanent Residency or a Green Card are required to obtain an immigration physical performed by a designated Civil Surgeon prior to approval of their application. The exam results will be recorded on Form I-693 for the applicant to return to the USCIS (INS) in a sealed envelope.  The exam process generally takes 1-4 days, depending on whether a tuberculosis test (PPD) is needed. Please call our office for the price for the immigration physical.

  • Complete Physical Examination
  • Review of your written vaccination and other health records

  • Certified and Sealed I-693 form 

  • Copies of any laboratory testing or vaccines administered

After the physical, the physician may recommend TB skin test, RPR( Syphilis blood test), TB blood test( Quantiferon test).  These are not included in the price of the exam.  Depending on individual test results, further additional services may be required, such as vaccinations, additional certified copies of exams, blood tests for immunization status and follow-up chest x-ray for TB testing. Please call us for any questions or for pricing.  Any questions as to what specific vaccinations are required will be answered by the civil surgeon during the exam.

PLEASE BRING THE FOLLOWING when you come for your immigration physical appointement:
1. Valid government issued picture ID such as driver's license, state ID or passport
2. Immunization records (if you have any)
3. Prior TB test or Chest Xray results (if you have any)
4. Mental health records ( if any)
5. Please allow 2 hours for the initial visit and 1-4 days for the whole process depending on what tests are needed.  If tests are abnormal, additional days maybe needed for follow up testing.
6. A form I-693 pre-completed with your information ( Form I-693 maybe printed from the link below.  Please copy and paste the link in your browser if you cannot click on it)